TAMPA, Fla.June 9, 2015PRLog — MARTYR is the first rapper signed to VECA Records label New Heaven Records. Following into the unknown, and having little direction in his youth, Martyr has a typical story of a young boy trying to fit in a culture that didn’t fit itself. Being smothered by the violence within his hood, he always felt he had to prove something. He lived with his great grandmother, a woman that served the Lord, but of course he didn’t have the same mentality. Instead, he was out getting “high” and “hustlin” on the blocks because he felt he had to prove that he could provide for himself. At the age of 19, he decided to go into the toughest branch of the military, the Marines. His five years in the Marines was disastrous because of his rebellious attitude, but God’s mercy kept him alive and he was able to get an honorable discharge from the military.

He led a rebellious and exhausting life which led him to an epiphany that he must surrender his life to Christ. He discovered his purpose is to serve Christ through music. The name MARTYR meaning someone who dies for a cause, derived from that exact mindset. His focus is to apply Romans 12:2 (“And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”) and in doing this God can work effectively through him. Understanding that he is unworthy of God’s unmerited favor, he thrives on not only studying to show himself approved, but to also utilize application in his life.

According to Martyr, “My inspiration comes directly from the Holy Spirit and the ongoing real situations that I see around me. God is constantly giving me concepts and I have to hear Him clearly before I put that pen to the pad. If not, I simply will not write anything.”

MARTYR describes his latest release from New Heaven Records, “Determined” came from a very personal place and it was at a rough time in my life where I just wanted to quit serving God. I was going through so much within myself. As I was walking to an appointment one day, God just started pouring it in so much that I was freestyling it. It was so potent though, that I started immediately texting myself the lyrics and before I knew it the song was done in basically an hour. Relating to the song, God had to remind me that He knows I’m imperfect, but that his Grace is sufficient. He further went on to remind me of how determined Christ was to live and die for us. How much pain He endured and so that was a big motivator for me to continue. He illuminated what real determination is.”

Thanking the Lord on a daily basis has become routine for MARTYR as he feels it necessary to show his gratitude for the Mercy that God has shown him undeservingly. In Romans 7, Paul comes to the understanding that the bad things he does is not him, but the sin that dwells in him. Looking at that scripture, MARTYR saw that, on the flip side of the scripture, Paul could also see that the good things that he did according to God’s will, wasn’t him either, but the God that was in him. MARTYR did not have that mindset until much later in his life, and now that he does, he is much more humble. So at the end of the day remember it’s always God’s glory! Don’t end up with the same end as Herod. (Acts 12:21-23) GGA (God’s Glory Alone)

If MARTYR can touch even a few lives through his music and inspire others it makes everything worthwhile. It is not about the fame or fortune, but igniting the love of Christ in the heart of a non-believer or someone who may be struggling with their faith. Learn more about MARTYR: http://www.godmanmusic.com

Michelle Magee