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Record Label.

VECA NEW MEDIA INC. is comprised of VECA RECORDS (VR) New Heaven (NHR) Records, Glory Sound Records, (GSR) as well as Glory Sound Studios (GSS) and the company’s label services and distribution division, & Publishing company, VECA New Media Music Group (BMI). VECA is based in Tampa Bay, Florida, between the downtown iconic Tampa Bay Skyline, and Ybor City. VECA New Media encompasses numerous, artist from around the US. And is dedicated to spreading the Gospel through Music throughout the world.

The Studio.

Was established in 2013 by founder Creed Warner, president of VECA Records and represents recording artist in the development of their artistry. Glory Sound Studios delivers the very best in cutting edge Christian Music artist development and continues to produce the next generation of Christian Music excellence. (GSS) is inspired to spread the gospel through aspiring artist that strive to rank among their peers in the industry, Glory Sound Studios sits in the heart of the Tampa Bay.



A combination of creative and business issues that must be dealt with to make your music, and the business surrounding your music, run smoothly.


Music marketing and the promotion industry is changing fast. We provide the most relevant technologies that will get your brand to the next level.


We have the tools and experience necessary to get you from concept to product so you can focus on being the artist.


We have the necessary connections to get your music in the hands and ears of millions of listeners.

“Dream big, work hard and surround yourself with love.”